Our 5 pillars of sustainability

We have the ambition to contribute every day to a healthy lifestyle for our clients, guests, employees, and the communities we operate in. As part of the largest food and support service provider, Compass Group PLC, we have a responsibility to create value and a positive impact in the world. The lack of natural resources, the shift in demographics, the environmental impact, such as climate change, redefine the social expectations but as well as the way we understand and operate a business. Accordingly, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy became a very important part of our company's sustainable growth.

Thinking new and innovative ways through which we can achieve what our clients expect, without negatively influence the future of the younger generation, is both a challenge and a reason to be proud. We are glad to be an element of change and influence other positive behaviors.

With clients and suppliers alongside, we transform our sustainability strategy into measurable actions. Our activities are based on five pillars: our people, sustainable & responsible purchasing, wellbeing, the environment, and society.

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Our long-term strategy

Protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of our employees is important for us. Our openness and transparency, around internal processes and policies, ensure the safety and wellbeing not only for our people but as well for our clients and guests. We consider this to be an important part of our long-term strategy for sustainable business development.

The quest for sustainable growth will further continue for our company as we find new, innovative ways to achieve our goals. Until 2020 we will work on:

  • Promoting more a healthier lifestyle among our clients and customers. Nutrition is a big part of sustainable development, and we are committed to inform and guide our guests to adopt a more balanced lifestyle;
  • Constant improvement of our safety and security measures;
  • Maintain and develop even more our work environment: fair employment, great career opportunities and a decent workplace is our fundamental belief.

"We provide food that has a positive impact on mental health, and overall wellbeing while keeping an eye on trends. We feel it is important to raise awareness and develop programs to encourage healthy behaviors and good eating habits, as part of our wellbeing long-term strategy."

Compass Group

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