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Fusion in a plate that is delightful for children's eyes and delicious for their mind and soul.

An exclusive experience in every plate

Freshness, variety, and nutrition is our motto! Sustainable and fresh ingredients, seasonal products, and a variety of delicious meals designed to build strong and healthy bodies and sharpen the minds of children is what Scolarest does. Our food service for schools is designed to bring young people to a healthier lifestyle.

Bringing an A to Z approach

Our goal is to add value to children's lives, nurturing their future while helping our partners (schools, teachers and parents) focus on children's educational performance and efficiency. Our catering solutions are integrated with each school environment and through transparent partnership, we can find the right customized solutions, translated into innovative culinary concepts and optimized experience.

Right person in the right position

Our team strives to bring the latest trends, to introduce programs that are both engaging and positive to children's development. Our focus is also on educating schools, teachers, and partners about what is proper or not in school catering, having the Compass Group experience as a background.

Balanced meals that reflect seasonality

Our chefs are working closely with nutritionists and school representatives to bring balanced meals that are fresh, seasonal, healthy, and appealing to children. We implement a special allergy program and train our staff properly to ensure that all food allergies or special medical conditions are met with the right solution and in due time.

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Customer experiences

  • Craiova
  • Sibiu
  • Bucharest

Teamwork, respect, trust and a common vision

“With employees being our highest priority, our initiatives regarding employee development or offering the best catering and transportation services are very important to us. Our collaboration with Eurest started one year ago when we decided to reopen our canteen. Proving their professionalism during the selection process determined our decision in choosing them as our partner. The constant positive feedback received from our employees and our visitors from Europa, as a result of the high standard services provided by Eurest, is the most important proof for us that we made the best decision, one that is mutually beneficial. Teamwork, respect, trust and a common vision are only a few of the necessary ingredients for building a strong, long lasting business relationship. Eurest team proved that they cherish and value the same principles as our company. We take this opportunity to thank them for all the beautiful things we are accomplishing together.”


A true partner, dedicated to suit the need of the client above all

“A diverse, healthy and delicious menu, as well as a company together with we can share the same values, were the key company principals we followed when choosing the catering supplier for Continental Sibiu. In Eurest, we have discovered not only a responsible company, but most of all a true partner, dedicated to suit the need of the client above all. We are convinced that on the long-term this is a mutually beneficial partnership.”


High-quality services, adapted to our needs

“The collaboration between Bosch and Eurest started 12 years ago. Since then, through their dedication and committed team, Eurest proved to be the best choice for our company. In all Bosch locations from Bucharest, Cluj, and Blaj, Eurest provides high-quality services, adapted to our needs. Also, the company has the capacity to cater over 1200 meals per shift, for our production units, and as well, the ability to offer excellent catering services for our company special events. During our collaboration, Eurest team has responded positively to our CSR activities and help us with the process of opening new locations. Their participation shows their dedication and engagement. We have managed to build a long-term partnership having mutual trust as the foundation of our collaboration.”


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