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We love what we do, and we do what we love! Serving millions of people around the world every day, allows us to be a huge part of our customers' lives and enhance their sense of wellbeing. Though we pride ourselves on our services we are most proud of our relationships with customers and clients alike. Our services, created to meet each clients' unique business model, expectations, and needs, reveal the true benefits of having the foodservice outsourced.

Passion and professionalism

We never compromise on the health and safety of our guests and our employees! Everything we achieved, both globally and locally, we did as a result of our total dedication to those two fundamental concepts. We take responsibility for our actions and we strive to make our contribution to our clients' business journeys with respect, honesty, and fairness. We don't take our partnerships for granted.

Transforming employee wellbeing

Creating a human-centered workplace where people can thrive is important for our company's further development. We have more and more complex programs focused on empowering our people and awarding their entrepreneurship, professionalism, and dedication. Given the fact that our clients are from across all major industries, we are aware of the importance of having trained personnel able to understand their expectations and translate them into correct strategies frameworks.

The power of Compass

With over 18 years of experience in the Romanian market, we are offering a unique culinary experience for over 45 different clients, in all major business sectors, serving more than 45.000 meals every day. Combining innovation with cooking creativity we have established long-term partnerships, and this is why our very first client in Romania is still working with us.

In recent years, our initiatives and attitude towards finding cutting-edge solutions to help better sustain and develop our company, globally and locally, made us the number one choice in the food and support service industry. We are a reliable partner and we have the advantage of combining the global experience and know-how from over 50 countries with the local flavor and entrepreneurship.

With Compass Group, you bring in a reliable partner

We are part of the leading Compass Group PLC, the global market leader in food and support services. In over 50 countries with more than 500,000 employees, the organization delivers original and innovative solutions. Compass Group combines a global network with local entrepreneurship.

Compass Group

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